Gleef (gleef) wrote in hurricane_fema,


The Yucutan is so pretty this time of year, Wilma decided to stay a while. In other words, all of the computer models appear to be drastically off for this storm.

Wilma bamboozles hurricane experts (BBC)

Even at the BBC, the talk of damage focuses on the suffering resorts. The AP even reports that while smaller convenience stores are being looted, the police are dilligently protecting the Wal-Mart from a similar fate.

There are thousands of villagers in Yucatan who don't live in resort hotels. Can we hear about what's going on somewhere without poolside bars, tiki huts and Wal-Marts?

Meanwhile, back just south of Haiti, we've officially passed the end of the alphabet, and have reached Tropical Storm Alpha. I believe this means we've beat the record number of hurricanes/tropical storms in the Atlantic since we set up the naming scale in the 30's.
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